Day Eighteen – MDW in NYC


Summer has officially begun after the completion of Memorial Day Weekend, more commonly known as MDW. The pool is open, I’ve been to the beach, went to the Mets game last night, and even have a little bit of a tan. 

The obsession with MDW cracks me up. My brother’s roommate, for example, has been “preparing” for the MDW for weeks now. He claims that if he wasn’t the “biggest and tannest” dude at the Jersey Shore, MDW would be a failure. He had been tanning and hitting the gym like a crazy person for that reason. He looked great, don’t get me wrong. (Creepy…) But I couldn’t help making fun of him a little, in his too-small wifebeater and chain. 

My feelings on “MDW” are a little different. Memorial Day Weekend has historically meant one thing for my friends and I – FLEET WEEK. We first experienced Fleet Week in probably our Junior Year of high school, after I was old enough to go to the city for the night without my mom sending me text messages every five seconds about where I was and when I’d be home. We’d wander Manhattan, wearing our flip flops and Hollister shorts, in search of sailors. Times Square, the Village, the Seaport – wherever you went, men in uniform were there, looking handsome as ever. Even dudes normally not that attractive are ten times hotter in a military uniform. That’s a real statistic. Swear.

This year, I enjoyed MDW in the city as usual. Hung out at a rooftop bar on Park Avenue (no big deal) with a beautiful view of the Empire State Building, obviously lit up in red, white and blue. Headed down to the Seaport on Saturday with a stop in Little Italy. It was decorated beautifully for Memorial Day, lights and decorations on restaurants and a little festival down on Mulberry Street. I spent a little too much money on carnival games, but I came home with a stuffed duck…a consolation prize for losing all my cash. Watched the sun set at the Seaport, with a beautiful view of the Brooklyn Bridge – New York City is an absolutely beautiful city if you look in the right places.

Some pics from my weekend:




Artsy, I know. Thanks, Instagram.

As much as I miss Miami and my awesome friends and roommates still there, a weekend like this reassured me that New York City is the best place in the world, and where I know will always be home to me. 

A successful MDW if you ask me.


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