Day Twenty-Four – #WorkingGirlProblems


So this is what’s happening right now.

I’m sitting in Starbucks on my Macbook, drinking an Iced Caramel Macchiato (Skinny, of course), in my business profesh outfit because I’m a 25 minutes early for my internship. Except I’m actually typing this post in Microsoft Word because I can’t find the free Wi-Fi that they’ve promised me, but it’s so crowded in here I’m just gonna wait to post this till I get in the office later instead of asking for help from one of the baristas.

I’m a working girl!!! Look at me, mom!

Yesterday was my first day, and although it ended up being a really good day, I had the morning from hell.

I woke up really early with the intent to give myself as much time as I needed to get all dressed up, do my hair really nice, have a filling breakfast, and catch the early train into the city. Didn’t really go as planned.

I had set about 5 alarms to make sure I woke up. I missed the first two. I’m already a half hour behind schedule. Then I decided (stupidly) that hard boiled eggs and toast would be the perfect breakfast (protein!). Forgot they take like 15 minutes to boil, 5 minutes to cool. And I didn’t spend this time getting ready, I just chatted with my dad over coffee. Another 20 minutes behind. Then it was almost 9, and I still had to get ready, do my hair, and drive to Bayside to get the 9:57 train. I haven’t gotten new furniture for my bedroom yet, so I’m still living out of boxes. It took me a good 10 minutes to find my white blazer, a shirt for underneath, and a skirt to go with it. I glanced at the clock while I was blowdrying my hair – 9:25.


I pulled on a pair of heels, grabbed my laptop, and did most of my makeup in the car. I was driving on the Cross Island Parkway and suddenly…traffic. Brake lights as far ahead as I could see. Clock read 9:40. More panic.

Needless to say, I missed the train. Thankfully that was earlier of two trains, although the later train only gave me legit 5 minutes to get from Penn Station to my office on 30th and 7th. When I finally found a parking spot close to the station, I realized, for the first time, that it was pouring outside. I frantically searched my car, and thank God I had an umbrella stuck behind the drivers seat. I got out of the car…and cut my finger open trying to open an umbrella. And didn’t realize until I saw the bloody thumbprint on my white blazer.

I was miserable the entire train ride into Manhattan. I was texting my mom (with my non-bloody thumb) telling her sorry, I know she paid for my college education, but I had no future. I would be a waitress forever, because clearly this was a sign that being a working girl in Manhattan just wasn’t destined for me. I managed to throw on a bit more make-up on the train, but my hair wouldn’t de-frizz without a straighter or hairspray, so I pulled it back in a bun. I was preparing for the worst.

But my day in the office went much better than expected. There are a few other interns, all girls my age, doing PR and Social Media with me. The guys that work in the office are really laid back, and the office is really chill. Turns out I didn’t need to be nearly as dressed up as I thought, and my skirt/blazer/heels combo seemed to be almost over-dressing.

More importantly, this clearly isn’t gonna be the type of internship where I just grab coffee for the higher-ups and do filing. Already, we’ve gotten to bounce our ideas off of our supervisor, and he assured us that we’re going to be doing real work for the company. My first assignment is to write a few pitches to send to bloggers, and next week, we’ll be researching neighborhoods in the city and writing blurbs about the different venues in that area. I’m really excited to be doing real work, applying real stuff I’ve learned in school outside the classroom. My professors would be so proud!!

And so now day two of my internship begins. I’m dressed down a bit today, in leggings and my Hollister (embarrassing) white button up.  I was up with plenty of time, had a quicker breakfast of cereal and strawberries, showered quickly and did my hair, and still had time to grab coffee.

I think this is gonna be a great summer after all.


^Me on my first day. No big deal.


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