Day Thirty-Two – A Love Poem


On this rainy Wednesday, I thought I’d write a love poem. Enjoy.

Whether sunlight shines through window pane

Or I hear some quiet drops of rain,

I know I must give you fair warning –

I think of you most every morning.

As I climb the stairs from basement lair,

And run tired fingers through tangled hair

I know that you’re the only way

I’ll manage to get through the day.

Women know how rough it feels

Committing feet to 5-inch heels,

Knowing full well what lies ahead

Are many, blistering steps to tread.

Yet with you there, I must come clean,

Brings life to a lethargic scene.

Through city streets and stormy weather,

I know we’ll get through it together.

When it’s tough to take a stand,

I’m stronger with you in my hand.

And on this rainy afternoon,

When I was sure to drown in gloom,

You’re my rescue, as if sent from above –

French Vanilla Coffee – my one true love. 

Happy Hump Day!


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