Day Forty – Heeeeaatwaaave!!


It’s so damn hot. 


90 degrees and it’s not even noon yet. Dear God. 

New York City’s heatwave has people flocking to the beach, swimming in their pools, and sipping frozen drinks. It also has subway platforms smelling like homeless shelters and it’s ruining the hair of women all across the five boroughs. Summertime and the livin’s easy. 

Anyway, as of yesterday, it’s “officially” summer now; the summer solstice was yesterday, June 20th. While for most of us, the summer solstice is only important because it marks the longest day of sunlight of the year, for others around the world, this marks a day of celebration. I was doing a little browsing of the world wide web this morning because I was a little early for work and read a bit about the history of the summer solstice and why, for some cultures, it is a celebrated day. 

The word “solstice” is taken from a Latin word meaning “Sun stands still,” and this day, when the sun is highest in the sky, was a day of significance in many ancient cultures. Edifices such as Stonehenge were built, it seems, in accordance with the movement of the sun; at the solstice, the sun aligns exactly with one of the outer stones at Stonehenge. The English gather inside Stonehenge on the solstice, drink around bonfires, and dance all night long. In other cultures, this was a day that acknowledged the sun’s role in agriculture, and it’s light and warmth are celebrated. 

And celebrating the Sun’s warmth, we are. Everyone in Penn Station this morning was in flip flops, carrying lounge chairs, beach bags, and coolers, headed out East for the day to relax at the beach. I’m kind of jealous, but can’t really complain — I did spend four years in a magical make-believe land where every day was like today. Instead, I’ll enjoy the air conditioning in my office. And later tonight, I’ll be attending a company happy hour at a rooftop lounge with the other interns and our supervisors. Did I mention I love this internship? Once again, I should probably stop complaining. 🙂

But I have bad news. Now that the summer solstice, the longest day of the year has ended, there’s only one thing I see in our future….


So don’t take this hot, summer day for granted, little doves.


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  1. while you read this i need you to do two things…look left…now look right…this is me virtually slapping the crap out of you…i also did some research on the worldwide web as I crush Stella Artois and came across the word kwonstice, which is “kwon at his highest”. This day is of significance to girls with low self-esteem or ugly. When the weekly kwonstice occurs i leave my inhibitions at the door and will mack any thing that walks.

    So don’t take this event for granted little doves, for kwon will be off the market shortly.

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