Day Sixty-One – The Life and Times of a Manhattan Gypsy


So I’ve been gypsying around New York City like a funemployed little bird having too much fun for my own good. But I’m back and ready to inform all the people who I force to read this what I’ve been up to.

First and foremost…Brooke visited from Nashville and we took NYC by storm. Brooke, and Indian in her past life, for sure, is like my spirit guide. So free and fluttering and flirty and fun and fresh and fit and fab! She was here Monday through Sunday, and in those 6 nights, I did more damage to my body than I’ve done all summer long. Regardless, it was the most fun I’ve had since I left Miami.

We frolicked through the streets of Manhattan, taking advantage of happy hours and men with money. Brooke experienced the magic of drinking from a paper bag on the railroad, perfect for summer when there’s no class. (See what I did there?) We skipped down the cobblestone streets of the Lower West Side in fiercely high heels, and drank in the view from the High Line, an elevated park in the city built on old railroad tracks. Later in the week, we traded in our party suits for swim suits and cliff jumped into pools at Mountain Creek, the most awesome water park I’ve ever been to. (Complete with vertical body slides and Tarzan ropes that you swing on into the water. Freakin’ cool.) We “coasted” a 4th of July party in my backyard, concocting a blue drink to celebrate America’s 236th birthday. Coasting, of course, is a word we invented that rolls off the tongue better than “co-hosting.” Brooke was a coast because she made the guacamole. And it was good. Really good. We closed out the week real strong, jumping on the ferry to Governor’s Island, where we danced for hours in our neon clothing, chalked hair and bindis as the sun set over lower Manhattan, and ventured back home through a thunderstorm. Such party girls we are!

But now she has left me…alone and scared and EMPTY without my spirit guide. Brooke – if you’re reading this, which you will be at some point because I’m going to post the link to this on your Facebook page once I’m done writing it and it would just be rude to ignore it – know that you are always welcome to stay with me and my roommates in New York. And even though I’m angry you left me, I shlove you to bits and you are a beautiful Cinderella! You smell like pine needles and have a face like sunshine!!!

Here’s some (Instagrammed) pictures from the week – prepare to be jealous.


Belles of Bell Boulevard.


The cast of HBO’s Girls at the High Line, NYC.


(take note of the neon and colorful hair)


Governor’s Island WHERE MY PARTY PEOPLE AT?!

And now I need a nap. Thanks, Brooke.

So that’s all for our show today. Stay tuned for Season Two ofThe Life and Times of a Gypsy, airing live this fall, when Kristen and Brooke are reunited in the city of angels – Los Angeles.

Kitty out. Peace and Love. Drop mic.


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