Day 101 – The Ultimate Stay-cation


First of all – triple digits? It’s been over 100 days since I graduated? Be right back, gotta go throw up in the bathroom. Just kidding, but really, withdrawal symptoms are officially kicking in. Only took 100 days. The 100 Days of Summer.

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic, especially since it’s around the time of the year when everyone heads back to school. Every day, I feel as if I’m being pulled by some supernatural force towards my suitcases, which, of course, haven’t been stored in the attic yet and are sitting at the food of the basement stairs, waiting to be filled with shorts, flip flops, and sundresses. The Universe knows I should be preparing for my 21-hour south-bound journey to Miami. You’re not supposed to defy the Universe, but it seems as if I have no choice. I’ll have to let my suitcases know that I’m here to stay.

In other news – I need a vacation.

I know what you’re thinking. Rough life this chick lives. Social media intern by day, Bell Blvd party girl by night. And thats why I’m not talking about a vacation that requires packing my suitcases (I wouldn’t want to confuse them, after all) and traveling somewhere exotic, with beaches, frozen daiquiris and island music. Although I wouldn’t fight that either. What I want more than that is a vacation right here at home and do nothing at all. More like…a stay-cation.

Stay-cation [stay-cay-shun] noun: A vacation in which one does not leave the comfort of their home; the vacation is more of a break from daily routine rather than a getaway to somewhere else; requires “staying” for a long period of time, taking advantage of the fact that everything you need is in arm’s reach, and not feeling the need to leave home.


Would it really bother anyone if I just stayed here for a day or six?

I want to sleep until noon, waking up without my blaring iPhone alarm, and not get bothered about it. I want to treat myself to big breakfast of scrambled eggs or an omelette and a delicious New York City bagel, with a tall OJ and coffee. Which I, of course, will eat sitting Indian style on the couch. I want to float in my backyard pool and relax until the tall trees in my yard block the sun and cast shadows over the water. I want to take a warm shower and change into sweatpants, and not have to blow dry my hair. I want to spend the rest of the day watching reruns of “Law and Order SVU” or a marathon of “Say Yes to the Dress” or all eight of the Harry Potter movies. I want to put my phone on silent and not have to answer a single e-mail, text message, Facebook notification, or phone call all day long. I want to snuggle with my dog and order in Chinese food, or a pizza, or Chipotle for dinner. And after I feel like I’ve done enough with my day, I want to have a glass of wine, curl up in bed nice and early, and drift away to sleep. I only need this for about three days, maybe even just two, to just chill out, and concern myself only with the matters of Elliot Stabler, Kleinfeld bridal shot, and The Boy Who Lived.

And now, a poem.

There is no other girl in this nation,
No one else in my whole generation,
Who sits here and lacks more motivation
And is in more need of a staycation.
Others may be more stressed in relation,
Dealing with some serious frustration,
Like working in some strict corporation,
But I still think I need a staycation.
I don’t need a tropical location,
Be it Cuban, Tahitian, Haitian.
I’m learning monetary conservation
And so I’ll settle for just a staycation.
I think I just need exhalation –
Or something more like hibernation –
To expel all stress and irritation –
Be nothing more than a couch’s decoration.
But if I need to provide vindication,
Just know I’m suffering from true devastation
Of it being 100 days passed graduation;
This blog itself is confirmation.
So before you judge my situation,
Or nearly nightly intoxication,
Know that my heart is in true desperation
For my two-day-long, cozy, staycation.


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  1. Wow!!! This is simply amazing. I am a huge fan of yours Kristen, maybe even your #1 fan. Been reading this blog since day 1. Every post is a new adventure and I feel like I’m cumming along for the ride EVERY SINGLE TIME!!

    And the poem; MY GOSH that led me to a very happy ending (if you know what I mean)

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