Day 107 – I Guess I’ll Namaste Here For A While


It’s all real. I’m officially done with college. My roommates and I dropped my brother, Kyle, off at his new apartment in the Bronx last night for his Junior year at Fordham University. As we were moving in, I was getting excited, thinking of “All the pretty new things I could hang in my dorm room!” and “I can’t wait to walk around campus and see everybody again!” and “The first night out is gonna be sooo much fun!” Until it sunk in…that I would leave that apartment and go home. To the house I grew up in, with my first-ever, and now current, roommates. And for the first time, I was really sad. Like not nostalgic, not wishful, not sentimental – I was truly sad. Reality commences… now.

^ What people really should’ve written inside my Graduation cards. ^

But I’ve been preparing. And filling my life with new and exciting things to keep my spirits from sinking. Things like new brown boots, and tickets to Jets games, and… yoga classes.

Yoga! I took my first class over the weekend with my Aunt Mo after buying an unbelievable LivingSocial deal, where I got 12 classes for $40 – unheard of. I was always encouraged to try it, by my Aunt, Brooke, Jess, and other friends of mine who had taken classes and loved it.

At one point, Brooke and Jess had fully convinced me to try it. It was the fall semester of my senior year at the U. I pulled on leggings and a sports bra and grabbed the yoga mat Brooke was lending me, anxious to experience my first class. But it never happened that day. We couldn’t find the studio at first, and by the time we got there, class had already started. Fail #1.

The three of us tried again the following week. Planning ahead better, we were right on time! …Which I learned, in the yoga world, is late. And so we weren’t allowed in the studio. Time number two was also a failure.

On our third attempt, we got distracted on the way to the studio because we made a stop in an incense shop off US-1 and never made it to class. In fact, we ended up meeting Miami Street Artists, and helping them spray paint a mural on the side of the building – but that’s another story entirely.

Basically, I never got around to doing yoga in Miami, but I’m so happy I finally tried it. Because it’s just as relaxing and therapeutic as people say, and it’s honestly one of the best workouts I’ve had in a LONG time. (And I didn’t feel like dying afterwards, which was a nice change from my usual gym trips.) In fact, I’m going back tonight! I’m really excited to incorporate yoga classes into my weekly routines, and I’m so glad my Aunt Mo finally convinced me to try it. I hope it’ll be a good way for me to deal with the big change of living at home for good.

Whether or not it’s exactly what I want right now, and no matter how tough an adjustment it is to spend every day living home (as opposed to only summers and vacation time), I know that I’ll come to accept it. Accept that I’ll officially be staying here for quite a while.



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  1. It was great doing yoga together! I’m sure you will continue to love it. Instead of horseback riding together like we did when you were little, now we can do yoga together. It will be great! And… it’s true that you have always been a yoga goddess in the making! Namaste!

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