Day 114 – LDW – “Lazy Days Weekend”


Labor Day Weekend has come and gone, which means summer is over. I have to say goodbye to the beach until next Memorial Day Weekend, need to officially retire my white jeans, and will inevitably need to help my dad put the cover on the pool in the next week or two. Only one word can be used to describe all of this: UGH.

Historically, Labor Day is a holiday that honors the contributions of all of America’s social and economic workers. Apparently, the first time it was celebrated was 130 years ago. Usually, by Labor Day, I’m back at school, and already have a day off from classes! And so I’ve always loved the holiday. It’s like, Summer’s over and classes have started…Psyche! Have one more day to party and lay in the sun! Post Grad LDW has a different feeling though. This Labor day represents the end of a four-year-long summer for me. I feel like I’m in Game of Thrones and the Starks keep reminding me that Winter is Coming.


(But if Robb Stark comes along with winter, I guess I don’t mind too much.)

Anyway, it was this mentality that encouraged me to set out to do as little as humanly possible. Just to spite the holiday. Labor Day Weekend? Nah, mine was more of a Lazy Days weekend.


The hardest laboring I did this weekend was walking through Manhattan in the new heels I ordered online that aren’t broken in yet. Ouch. Talk about blisters.

I spent the entirety of the weekend attached at the hip with Laura – literally. We kicked off LDW with (overpriced) margaritas at a local bar in Queens on Thursday night, with high expectations for the weekend. Friday morning was spent tanning on Long Beach, and we ventured into Manhattan at night, drinking in the late summer breeze at a rooftop lounge on the West Side, but the rest of our days were spend in straight relaxation. We were roomies from Thursday to Sunday, taking turns sleeping at each others’ houses, pissing off our parents, going to the beach, ordering sushi delivery, napping, and watching Breaking Bad on Netflix. And I’m not mad about it. I was even too lazy to Tweet about how lazy we were being. Just the staycation I needed.

While the rest of you are sitting at work right now, hungover from your crazy weekend in the Hamptons, or recovering from spending three days in a row dancing around in a tu-tu at Electric Zoo, I’m feeling just fine. Well rested, well fed, and easing into what will become my winter hibernation in my bed

A well spent Labor Day Weekend if you ask me.


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  1. Comments and Concerns
    1. Do you really own white jeans?
    2. Dat stark bro is a skeleton…keep winter away from me
    3. Omg da margaritas don’t remind me……x(
    4. Did you keep watching breaking bad? Answer…prob no
    5. ……Imagine if…..we were ACTUALLY attached at the hip and were siamese twins………………

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