Day 135 – Falling into Fall


As of Saturday, September 22nd, it’s officially fall, and as of Tuesday, September 25th, I’m already cold.

It’s really only been a matter of a few weeks that everything began to change. Labor Day weekend was still warm enough for me to lay on the beach, and yet, this morning, I found myself tearing apart my room looking for a heavy sweater and Uggs. Yeah, its 65 degrees. Yeah, that feels cold to me. Without question, I’ve switched from ordering my morning coffees “iced” to “hot,” and my non-air conditioned car that was miserable for the four years I spent in Miami is suddenly quite comfortable.

I’m noticing clothes hanging on the racks in stores have changed from bright, summery colors to cozy hues of browns and blues. I’ve developed an affinity for all things pumpkin, be it coffee, beer, or muffins. As I drive to the train every morning, the leaves are just a little redder, a little browner; a minor change for many, yet to me, it seems just a bit strange when I hear a leaf crunch under me and it’s only September.

All of a sudden the lightning bugs are gone. And the crickets are quieter at night. And around dinnertime, you don’t smell nearly as many barbecues grilling. I’ve already got a cold and have been drinking tea on the cooler evenings, but that’s okay.

Because I’m ready to fall into a pile of leaves for the first time in four years. I’m ready to go apple picking, and to visit a pumpkin patch upstate. I’m ready to go to a haunted house, or get bundled up and head to a football game. I’m ready for a scarf and a sweater and cool, autumn weather. I’m ready to see how beautiful New York City is, reds and yellows and oranges painting the branches of the trees, and visit the autumn street fairs. I’m ready to fall into Fall…face first.




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