Day 142 – Puppy Love


There is nothing that distracts me more from whatever I’m doing at the moment than a PUPPY.

Literally. A puppy came into the office today and any determination to be productive was gone faster than a wag of a tail. I kept snapping my fingers and making kissy noises and talking in a heavy New York accent asking the dog to come play at my desk (I’m not sure why I do that, but it always happens. “Go get the bawl! Whaddya doin? Where are ya? Who’s theah?”). I was probably pretty obvious but I couldn’t help it. He was so cute!

Now let me paws for a second and explain how much of a dog person I’ve become over the past few years, thanks to my dog, Abby.

Look at the little nugget!!!

I didn’t even realize what was missing from my life until we adopted Abby; now the thought of the Chuber house without the pup seems pretty ruff. This is the tail of how we got lil’ Ab. One of my dad’s friends came by with her one summer day, claiming the previous owners thought she was too needy (which definitely is true, but we think it’s adorable), and she was looking for a new home for her. Within 3 hours, the whole family was on board to keep her fur-ever. We were so happy to put a woof over her head and shower her with attention and snuggles. Ever since, I’ve been completely obsessed. With her and every other dog ever.

Normal thoughts that go through my head on a day-to-day basis: Walking down 7th Avenue and see someone with their dog – Yeah, I’m gonna have to stop to pet it. “You got a new puppy? I’ve totally been trying to hang out with you for weeks, can I come by later?” Instagram was invented to show all your followers how cute your pup is, right? (Follow me for a treat! @kristenchuber) And it’s totally not weird to make your dog a Facebook and uploading all the pictures from Halloween last year when she went as a dragon…right?


Obsessed? Maybe.

But here, let me entertain you for the next 3 minutes and 4 seconds. Sit…..stay.

Smell ya later.



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