Day 171 – Look Mom, I’m Domestic! Episode 3


First of all, let me say the search for the ingredients that I needed for these desserts was honestly more of an ordeal than the actual baking itself.

Post-Sandy Queens is honestly, a total mess. Streetlights are down all over our neighborhood, and so while it should be common sense to treat these intersections like a 4-way Stop, people are SAVAGES and flying through intersections with no thought of their own safety, or of others’. Then there’s the issue of businesses still not having power. I went to four different supermarkets before I found one with electricity. I think they were conserving it, though, because only half the lights were on inside, which, paired with the aisles of mostly empty shelves, really made it feel like a scene from a post-apocalyptic movie. But regardless, after scouring the town for food and avoiding reckless drivers on the road, I was able to obtain all my ingredients for…


Time for a bit of a treat in a Halloween full of tricks, don’t you think?

  • I followed the normal baking instructions for a box of chocolate cake. “Very moist” as my mom commented on. (BLAH.) I split it into 12 cupcakes and the rest in a 10″ circular cake pan.
  • After they were baked and cooled, I absolutely smothered them in dark chocolate icing…yum.
  • For the cupcakes:
    • I covered them entirely with chocolate sprinkles to give a “fuzzy” look to them
    • Then used the yellow bottom part of the candy corn as two eyes, and chocolate Twizzlers split into 8 little pieces for the legs!
  • For the cake:
    • I sprinkled some chocolate sprinkles here and there to look like a little bit of dirt.
    • Then as an afterthought I used Reece’s to make little lumpy, gravestone looking things. (Had I thought of this earlier, I probably would have gotten those white chocolate Reece’s or something to look more like headstones…whoops!)
    • Then, of course, put in your worms! Sour gummy worms crawling all over the mud cake.
  • Finished it off by taking tons of pictures of the creation before my little sister and her friends could get their hands on it, and washed it down with some Pinot Grigio.


Happy Halloween!





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