Day 189 – Can’t Be Hateful, Gotta Be Grateful


Okay before I start this post, we need to visit this video:

And a quick response:

While this video seems kind of wrong for a couple of reasons (why is that guy spending Thanksgiving with a bunch of 12-year-olds whose parents aren’t home, why he is dressed like a turkey, why did this little girl cook dinner all by herself, why are they eating mac and cheese…etc), it’s so catchy, and I can’t deny having watched it quite a few times already. And also I hate my parents a little bit for not giving me my 3 minutes and 38 seconds of fame as a 12-year-old, but I’ll get over it.

Moving forward.

This Thursday is Thanksgiving and I don’t know where the time is going. If you’ve been following this blog, it’s been more than half a year since I graduated college, which totally blows my mind. I honestly have to say, though, I don’t miss it nearly as much as I thought I would. I’m enjoying the new lifestyle I’m adapting to up here in NYC. And I don’t even hate the cool weather that much (yet).

In the spirit of the season, I want to share 10 things I’m definitely thankful for, in this first six months of post-grad life, both serious and not-so-serious things.

10. Having a job. When so many people are jobless and the word “unemployed” is thrown around like a hackeysack, I consider myself lucky to have a job, and one that I actually enjoy at that.

9. Seamless Web and the ability to get whatever food I want delivered right to my door. Allows me to not have to choose between being hungry and being lazy.

8. The magical moment that Pandora radio loads a new song even though the LIRR has dipped underground and there shouldn’t be service.

7. My awesome friends who let me crash at their apartments every weekend instead of trying to venture back to Queens drunk at 3 a.m.

6. Free shipping on orders over $100.

5. Coffee.

4. Laura getting her driver’s license. Hehehe.

3. The snooze button.

2. Charlie Brown holiday specials.

1. Living in the best city in the world, NYC. The city that never sleeps, the city that can recover from a hurricane in a week, a city that is home to so many different types of people. A city with happy hour specials every day of the week, a city with a subway system that smells bad but is convenient nonetheless, a city that can always show me a good time.

…Oh, and the obvious 3-day workweek this week. Super thankful for that.

And speaking of work, I guess it’s time I get back to it.

Hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving Eve parties, Thanksgiving dinners, and post-Thanksgiving Dinner comas. Can’t be hateful – gotta be grateful.

Happy Tofurkey Day!


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