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Day 254 – Cold Weather Survival Guide


So this is what my walk from Penn Station to my office building looked like this morning:


It was real rough. High of 20 degrees for the day, wind chill at 0 degrees… It’s no wonder I booked a flight back to Miami yesterday afternoon. This is some beyond-the-wall nonsense and I never agreed to any of it. So unless I’m cuddling with Jon Snow in a snug little castle I really shouldn’t have to deal with this.

Born and raised in Queens, I should probably be more equipped to deal with these wintery temperatures but four years in South Florida has thinned my blood. I mean, by senior year, I was pulling on Ugg boots when the temps hit the high 50s, even low 60s. Spoiled. Spoiled rotten. And now here I am completely unprepared for life in the tundra that is New York City.

To my friends from the northeast still enjoying the South Florida weather, I’m making this post your Cold Weather Survival Guide so that you may be more prepared than I was for these frigid January temps. The following are some things that are essential to own or do during your first winter home in NYC/anywhere else in the northeast:


The biggest, warmest, fuzziest slippers possible. I think the worst feeling for me thus far has been having to tip-toe across the FREEZING COLD tile floor of my bathroom to get in the shower on these frosty winter mornings. Keep your tootsies toasty in some slippas.


The blanket cocoon is an absolute necessity when trying to go to sleep at night (especially for those of you with bedrooms in the basement…aka…me). To Properly Cocoon: Lay in pencil pose at one end of the blanket holding the edge against you and roll across the bed until you are entirely cocooned. Then, when you’re wrapped like a taquito, lift your legs an tuck the end under so that the bottom flap won’t let any frigid air in. Voila. Blanket cocoon. See below for demonstration.

Blanket Cocoon


Chapstick. Seriously. Don’t go ANYWHERE without it or your lips will actually fall off of your face and no one will ever kiss you EVER AGAIN.



Snuggies. Underrated because it actually is convenient for a blanket to have sleeves (unless of course you’re trying to blanket cocoon [see above] in which case a Snuggie is not ideal). But seriously. You’re under a blanket, nice and warm, and don’t even need to take your arm out from under it as you reach for your….


…steamy hot beverage. I have never drank more hot tea than I have the past few weeks. I think my BTC (blood tea content) is definitely through the roof, but I’m okay with it because there’s nothing I want to be more than hot blooded in these cold winter months.



One of these. Which apparently are called Spirithoods even though I’ve always referred to them as “Fuzzy Animal Hats With Paws Attached” which I still think is a much better name for them, but whatever. I’m a fan and they’re super cozy. Plus, you can take really cute SnapChats in them to send to people captioned “Rawr! *kitty emoji*” and it makes everyone all warm inside, and remember, warm = good.


Bake things. Baked goodies make everyone feel a little warmer, whether it’s the actual extra layer they’re adding onto your hips or just the enjoyment of some sweet, melty goodness on a cold winter night. Like the Brownie Cupcakes with a Reese’s Center that I made last week. Cook brownie batter in cupcake tins, but put a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in the middle while you’re pouring in the batter and bake for 20 mins. on 375 degrees. Throw them in the microwave for 15 seconds before you eat them and prepare for hot peanut butter magma spilling out of a rich chocolately cupcake volcano. HOT.


And my last and final piece of advice on staying warm in the winter is visiting warm places. Yup. I’ll be migrating south for a weekend in February back to Miami to escape this wretched winter!!!!!11 It’s the only real way to stay warm in sub-freezing temps. Miami, here I come! (Though I should probably lay off the baked goods [above] if I’m going to be wearing a bikini again fairly soon…)


So in conclusion…………………….

……………………….winter sucks.

Stay warm, everybody!


cutest dog ever


Day 171 – Look Mom, I’m Domestic! Episode 3


First of all, let me say the search for the ingredients that I needed for these desserts was honestly more of an ordeal than the actual baking itself.

Post-Sandy Queens is honestly, a total mess. Streetlights are down all over our neighborhood, and so while it should be common sense to treat these intersections like a 4-way Stop, people are SAVAGES and flying through intersections with no thought of their own safety, or of others’. Then there’s the issue of businesses still not having power. I went to four different supermarkets before I found one with electricity. I think they were conserving it, though, because only half the lights were on inside, which, paired with the aisles of mostly empty shelves, really made it feel like a scene from a post-apocalyptic movie. But regardless, after scouring the town for food and avoiding reckless drivers on the road, I was able to obtain all my ingredients for…


Time for a bit of a treat in a Halloween full of tricks, don’t you think?

  • I followed the normal baking instructions for a box of chocolate cake. “Very moist” as my mom commented on. (BLAH.) I split it into 12 cupcakes and the rest in a 10″ circular cake pan.
  • After they were baked and cooled, I absolutely smothered them in dark chocolate icing…yum.
  • For the cupcakes:
    • I covered them entirely with chocolate sprinkles to give a “fuzzy” look to them
    • Then used the yellow bottom part of the candy corn as two eyes, and chocolate Twizzlers split into 8 little pieces for the legs!
  • For the cake:
    • I sprinkled some chocolate sprinkles here and there to look like a little bit of dirt.
    • Then as an afterthought I used Reece’s to make little lumpy, gravestone looking things. (Had I thought of this earlier, I probably would have gotten those white chocolate Reece’s or something to look more like headstones…whoops!)
    • Then, of course, put in your worms! Sour gummy worms crawling all over the mud cake.
  • Finished it off by taking tons of pictures of the creation before my little sister and her friends could get their hands on it, and washed it down with some Pinot Grigio.


Happy Halloween!