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Day 328 – “NSFW”


I have never hated the sound of a camera shutter as much as I did this morning when I was SnapChatting a friend a silly selfie and left the sound on my iPhone on.

I froze, duck lips in full force, praying no one heard the loud Chhhhhh that ran across the office. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched the guy across the room peek out from behind his computer screen as I tried to make it look like I was screen-shotting something. Narrowly avoiding what would’ve been a seriously humiliating moment in the office, I turned my sound off as quickly as I could.

There are a few things that are NSFW – Not Safe For Work, that is, and apparently, SnapChat is one of them. It very much depends on your workplace, however, as some of my friends are able to watch full TV episodes on Hulu Plus during their work day. Don’t worry Jess, I’m not gonna say any names. But you’ll learn as year one of PostGrad Life progresses just what is and isn’t safe for work.

1. SnapChat

Like I just mentioned, often SnapChat is NSFW. Unless you are actually smart and remember to turn the sound off when you get to your desk. But seriously, unless you’re sneakily snapping selfies, be careful, because it’s going to be hard to explain this face if you’re caught doing it at your desk:


2. Hilarious BuzzFeed Articles

It is a scientifically proven fact that the only time it is impossible to hold in laughter is when it is absolutely necessary to hold in laughter. The workplace is one of those places you should try to contain the giggles as best you can due to an undeniable law. It’s called the Law of KYMS – Keeping Your Mouth Shut. I have a hard time following the Law of KYMS every time I open up a link to a Buzzfeed article from an e-mail or a g-chat someone has sent to me. I very often have to physically cup my hands over my mouth to stifle an embarrassing display of hysterical laughter that would be NSFW.

Wanna see if you can follow the Law of KYMS? Check out the 25 Funniest Autocorrects Buzzfeed article, one of my all time favorites. If you can hold in laughter through all twenty five, I’ll buy you a beer. But then also probably stop being your friend because they’re hilarious and if you don’t agree we shouldn’t hang out because I only like funny people.

3. Catching Up on Game of Thrones

The sex. The violence. The incest. The revenge. The totally-out-of-nowhere plot twists. If unlike me, you’re able to watch TV at work somehow, know that Game of Thrones is definitely NSFW. Imagine the setting. You have HBO Go open in one window, an Excel spreadsheet in another for easy clicking back and forth. But you become entranced with the show. Battles of good and evil are unfolding in front of your eyes as your heart races in anticipation. Then suddenly, the LAST POSSIBLE THING you ever thought would happen on the show happens. And you try to react like this:


But you WANT to react like this:


And I’m not sure what kind of job you have but the latter reaction would be met with some confusion in my office.

4. Stinky Food

Not only should certain activities be discouraged in the office, but often your choice of lunch can be a not-safe-for-work factor. The Lunch Hour is a sacred hour in the workplace. Where you can finally peel your eyes from your computer screen, give your ever-typing fingers a break, and rejuvenate – boost up your energy to get you through the rest of the day. For those of us trying to save some cash, bringing your lunch and eating it at your desk is a common occurrence  And nothing ruins the sanctity of lunchtime than having to smell your coworkers stinky egg salad as you try to enjoy your midday meal.

Some NSFW Foods you should Avoid:

  • Anything with curry
  • Egg salad
  • Fish, specifically tuna fish
  • Asparagus and Broccoli
  • Microwave popcorn
  • Burritos


5. Looking at Pictures of Ryan Gosling


ryan gosling


So stay focused at work, post-grads, or if you must distract yourself, stick to Pinterest.

Best of luck!


Day 182 – ‘Tis the Season Dubbed by Coffee


Last week I was having a conversation with someone about how soon is “too soon” to start listening to Christmas music. It was the day of the Nor’Easter in NYC, and this girl, who has spent the last four autumns in South Florida, was shocked to see snow falling from the November sky. To me, snow = Christmastime, so I felt completely justified in putting on a Pandora Christmas station during work last Wednesday.

It’s just been the way I determine the seasons. The first snow, in my mind, marks the first day of winter, the same way that the first day I wear my Uggs and drink hot coffee marks the first day of Fall.

Yes, there are specific dates on a calendar that officially announce the First Day of each season, and that’s what most people rely on when deciding what time of year it is. Others use holidays, such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, Groundhog Day, etc., to mark the change in a season. As a student, the seasons are often associated with school schedules and events. And many, like me, rely on specific moments or happenings, that can vary from year to year, to determine what season it is – when the first leaf falls, when the mall puts up Christmas decorations, when the first buds appear on a tree, the first beach day of summer.

And as I sipped on my seasonally unaffiliated Dunkin’ Donuts latte, I realized the best way to determine the season:


Tell me it wasn’t fall when every girl you know Instagrammed a picture of her first #PumpkinSpiceLatte of the season. Even I did it. You can’t drink that in the summer, you just CAN’T. It would be like having a pumpkin on your stoop in July. Or going apple picking in January.

Frappuccinos? Refreshers? Iced Coffee or Passion Tea Lemonade? Just the sound of these makes my office feel warmer and more summery. Yeah, you can get these whenever you want, but in the summertime, Starbucks will draw you in by advertising how fresh and cool these drinks are. Summer commence.

And as of last week, Starbucks is using the red holiday cups. And their “Fall Favorites” board has been replaced with “Holiday Specials,” featuring White Chocolate Mochas and Gingerbread Lattes, decorated with snowflakes and candy canes and pretty white reindeer. Winter? I’m gonna go with yes.

So thank you Starbucks, for telling me it’s not too soon to listen to my Christmas Pandora station while I drink my Peppermint Mocha in my red holiday cup and wear my sweater and boots while it snows outside.

After all…

Winter is coming…


Day 114 – LDW – “Lazy Days Weekend”


Labor Day Weekend has come and gone, which means summer is over. I have to say goodbye to the beach until next Memorial Day Weekend, need to officially retire my white jeans, and will inevitably need to help my dad put the cover on the pool in the next week or two. Only one word can be used to describe all of this: UGH.

Historically, Labor Day is a holiday that honors the contributions of all of America’s social and economic workers. Apparently, the first time it was celebrated was 130 years ago. Usually, by Labor Day, I’m back at school, and already have a day off from classes! And so I’ve always loved the holiday. It’s like, Summer’s over and classes have started…Psyche! Have one more day to party and lay in the sun! Post Grad LDW has a different feeling though. This Labor day represents the end of a four-year-long summer for me. I feel like I’m in Game of Thrones and the Starks keep reminding me that Winter is Coming.


(But if Robb Stark comes along with winter, I guess I don’t mind too much.)

Anyway, it was this mentality that encouraged me to set out to do as little as humanly possible. Just to spite the holiday. Labor Day Weekend? Nah, mine was more of a Lazy Days weekend.


The hardest laboring I did this weekend was walking through Manhattan in the new heels I ordered online that aren’t broken in yet. Ouch. Talk about blisters.

I spent the entirety of the weekend attached at the hip with Laura – literally. We kicked off LDW with (overpriced) margaritas at a local bar in Queens on Thursday night, with high expectations for the weekend. Friday morning was spent tanning on Long Beach, and we ventured into Manhattan at night, drinking in the late summer breeze at a rooftop lounge on the West Side, but the rest of our days were spend in straight relaxation. We were roomies from Thursday to Sunday, taking turns sleeping at each others’ houses, pissing off our parents, going to the beach, ordering sushi delivery, napping, and watching Breaking Bad on Netflix. And I’m not mad about it. I was even too lazy to Tweet about how lazy we were being. Just the staycation I needed.

While the rest of you are sitting at work right now, hungover from your crazy weekend in the Hamptons, or recovering from spending three days in a row dancing around in a tu-tu at Electric Zoo, I’m feeling just fine. Well rested, well fed, and easing into what will become my winter hibernation in my bed

A well spent Labor Day Weekend if you ask me.