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Day 286 – A Guide to Kinda-Sorta Creepy Ways to Meet New People


“No one is looking for a relationship in college. Everyone just wants to have fun.” Said everyone who couldn’t find a boyfriend while they were in school.

What I’m trying to say is that was a phrase that may have come out of my mouth quite a bit during my four years in Miami…mostly because it was true. Right? IT’S TRUE RIGHT?? IT WASN’T JUST ME?!??

Anyway, here we are, 286 days since graduation, and now I’ve been telling a lot of my friends who are still in school, “No one is really looking for a relationship right out of college. Everyone is adjusting to post-grad life and just wants to have fun.” So where do you find the ones who do want a relationship?

Young adults are flocking to the web, their phones, and more to check out not only who’s single, but who’s looking to meet up for a drink, a few dates, or a relationship. It’s not really surprising, since our generation has become completely reliant on the Internet and our smart phones for everything from food delivery to catching up on our TV shows. That and we’re all totally lazy. Let’s explore the options for the tech-friendly-romantic who just seems to be looking for love in all the wrong places.

Kinda Sorta Creepy Ways to Meet People via Technology


I’m just kinda T.O’ed because she hasn’t sent me a full body shot yet.


I’m listing Grouper first because I think it is so funny and so cute and such a good idea because it requires that you actually have friends to do it. Essentially, you sign up with two friends, or “wingmen” as they list it on the site, and you get matched with another group of three. For $20 each, your drinks for the night are taken care of, and you’re on this pre-arranged super fun group date. I’ve had two friends go on it already, and both said it was actually a really enjoyable time.

Also, this:


Grade: A

OK Cupid

I’m going to go ahead and share with you that I created an OKCupid account a little while back, just to see what it was all about. There were definitely some good and some bad aspects to it.

Here’s the good. A lot of the guys who make profiles understand that being funny and personable is key to getting people to trust that you are normal. Even better is some of them realize that the whole concept of OKCupid, well, online dating in general, is still fairly new, so if they do message you, they’ll need to tread lightly, and feel it out. A cheese pick-up line is okay, if it’s very obvious it’s a joke. Even better is if they can reference something you like based on your profile without just being like, “Oh, you like Ryan Gosling movies? Me too. He is good.” The bad? More people on the site do not realize these things. And send creepy. ass. messages. “Mmmm gurl lovin ur pics, wanna meet up?” Um…no. Like not even a little bit.

I did go on a date with someone I met – no, it didn’t go anywhere – but he was 100% normal, a cool guy, and paid for my margaritas. Just not my type. So while it can definitely work for some people, there’s just too much room for creeps.


Not really an OK cupid if you ask me.

Grade: C+


Tinder is like a combination of Facemash, the original site created by Mark Zuckerburg, and that show “Next!” on MTV.  Tinder is for the laziest of the lazy, where you can just browse through pictures of anyone nearby who has the app and click ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ based on limited info. If two people “yes” each other, they have the option to chat via the app. It’s like shallow speed-dating! But it’s really, really entertaining. Seriously. Great for when you have some off-time at work or when you’re bored on long, drunk train rides home, Tinder allows those serious about meeting people to, well, talk seriously, and the rest of us to ask weird questions and use silly pick-up lines for fun. Something just tells me it’ll never be acceptable to say you met your boyfriend through an iPhone app, though, sorry boys.


*Note – Because you can upload a max of 5 pictures, be aware these may not exactly represent what said Tinder match looks like. He is eliminating bad pics. A friend met up with a Tinder match at a club and he was not what he seemed. He was dubbed a “TinderFish” – Catfish, via Tinder. (Credit: Kim Z. and the JB crew for the awesome nickname.)

Grade: B+, solely for entertainment purposes


Okay okay hold on. I’m not suggesting anyone go browsing the personals section of Craigslist for a hot date. Just need to share one creative way two guys used Craigslist to find dates for their cousin’s wedding. The post called for two sisters or friends who were attractive and fun to join them for the Saratoga wedding, and included lots of funny pictures and silly facts about the two striking young gentlemen. Sound ridiculous? Far from. They’ve gotten 2,000 replies. Check it out.


Wish I had thought of this for DG Semiformal.

And here’s the response:


Wanna know who the girl who submitted the Journey song was? I’ll give you one guess 😉

Grade: A for those guys, D for everyone else because Craigslist can be sketchy

So dont worry, all you hopeless romantics, there is love for you out there. And if you can’t find it walking down the street, or at a bar, or through a friend, there are plenty of other ways for you to connect with someone. All you need is a charged batter, a WiFi signal, some pretty pictures, and a lot of trust in humanity. Best of luck, my friends!



Day 141 – Happiness in 7-10 Business Days


*Disclaimer – Outrageously Girly Post*

There is nothing more gratifying than online shopping. (Told ya.)

In the old days, before you could do absolutely anything from finding a husband to diagnosing your own illness in front of a computer screen, time for shopping needed to be set aside. Now, don’t get me wrong, I fully enjoy time spent dedicated to shopping, be it an hour or an entire Saturday – I never tire of spending money. (Which proves to be a problem, eventually, especially when it’s the latter timeframe.) But sometimes, putting aside enough time for this splendid activity can be difficult. Everyone is always so busy! Shopping could be an after-work activity, but often, things stand in the way. Either we’re too tired from the workday, or have other plans that just can’t be cancelled, like dentist appointments, or Happy Hour. Weekends are good times to shop, but I usually feel guilty spending a beautiful, sunny day in the mall when I could be doing things outside, and if it’s crappy weather, I usually prefer sleeping late, staying in sweatpants all day, and catching up on whatever reality TV show I’m currently obsessing over.

Alas! Online shopping is the solution for the overcommitted or the tired or the lazy everywhere! In less than half the time, you can browse your favorite store’s merchandise and throw everything you love into a (virtual) shopping cart. It’s genius! It’s exciting! It’s chic! It’s easy! It’s dangerous! It’s fun!

Using a plastic credit card means I’m not spending real money, right?

Other reasons I love online shopping:

  1. I don’t feel as cheap immediately redirecting to the “Sale” or “Clearance” sections – no one is there to judge me but myself.
  2. No need to deal with annoying sales people checking to see if they have any more in your size. Chances are they’ll just tell you on the site! So proactive!
  3. Also eliminates awkward interactions with retail employees. “Have you tried our new jeans?” If I say no, you’ll tell me to try them. If I say yes, you’ll smile like you actually care. Flashback to my days working at Hollister Co….. I shutter to recall. 
  4. No need to try on the clothes before purchase. A true shopper knows her size in most of these stores. Less experienced shoppers need not fear – reading the reviews of a product will tell you if it’s true to size, or whether or not you should order a size bigger/smaller.
  5. Most offer free shipping on return products, or at least allow you to return it to a store.
  6. Say goodbye to carrying around all those bags on your arms! Boyfriends everywhere should be eternally grateful for the option to shop online.
  7. COUPON CODES!! You can almost always find a coupon code somewhere online to give you either free shipping or a percentage off your order.
  8. You can multi-task while doing it. You can check your bank statement between purchases to make sure you won’t overdraft, Facebook chat your friends and send them links to decide between the beige boots or the black boots (thanks Daniella for the help last week – glad I went with beige), or browse RetailMeNot.com for (#7 above) coupon codes.

But truly, the real reason I online shop is the surprise and true joy I experience when a package arrives in the mail. Chances are I probably forgot that I ordered something, and so when a pretty box arrives, addressed to me, I love to rip it open like it’s a present on Christmas morning. Sometimes I even write myself little notes on my orders, so that I’ll also get a little card that reads, “Surprise! Bet you forgot you ordered this! You’re gonna look great on Friday in this new skirt! Love ya!” and it really makes my day.

So thank you, Internet, for making something that was already the easiest thing in the world to do, even easier.

…While sitting in front of your computer, that is.