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Day 228 – Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning’s End


~Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/Happy Kwanzaa/Happy Holidays to all!~

Here we are, only three days away until the end of the year. Usually around this time of year I sit around and think of all the irresponsible, unhealthy, embarrassing behavior I’ve engaged in over the past twelve months, behavior I resolved not to engage in the year before, of course. But as 2012 draws to a close, I can’t help but reminisce on all the amazing things I was lucky enough to experience in what I’m absolutely positive was the best year of my life.

Where to begin…

Ringing in 2012 With Old Friends. I was lucky enough to begin this year with some of my oldest friends. In the close-knit neighborhood that is Bellerose, I was lucky enough to hold on to friends that I’ve known since kindergarten. It’s incredible – we’ve all stayed close, even through going to different high schools, different colleges, and just growing up in our own unique ways. But it was a great kickoff to 2012, being reminded that friendship is a strong bond and those whom you love will always be a phone call away, even if life begins to take you down different paths.


Being a Party Girl and living the flirty, fresh, and fun life with my super cool friends. Which reminds me…

Las Vegas Spring Break 2012. The craziest trip I’ve ever been on. (Why anyone let us free in that city is beyond me.) Yet I couldn’t be happier that we went. We laughed, we cried, we won money, we lost money, we lost more money. We got cursed with crappy weather and almost got arrested (Berger), went to crazy clubs and saw mostly naked men dancing. It was the trip of a lifetime and I couldn’t have spent it with a better crew. Ze Vegas Crew.

Las Vegas

Being Tan. I was really tan in 2012. Like I just backstalked myself on Facebook…like seriously tan. Holy crap. Which reminds me…

Ultra Music Festival. Not gonna go crazy here but it was incredibly cool being part of something so huge. Say what you want about the EDM scene but there is something so magical about an event where you can wear butterfly antennae on your head and make out with trees and not only is it not really an issue, but you become a YouTube sensation in one day. Unfortunately, I didn’t take advantage of Miami Music Week during the first three years I spent in Miami so Ultra made for a good grand finale. Plus, I needed an excuse to wear next-to-nothing neon and put my hair in pigtails again for the first time since I was 11.

Ultra Tan

Ultra Tan

Getting Employed. I was one of the lucky ones to be employed even before the end of the school year (shout-out to VenueTap.com what what). It was a scary realization, the one that i came to  in the spring semester, that I should probably start looking for something to do with myself following graduation, or I’d be sitting on my couch all day every day…forever. Coming home and having a job for the summer was awesome – having it become my full time job was even more awesome. I’m lucky to have been given the opportunity that I was.

And Of Course…Graduation. Simultaneously the best and the worst day of my life. It was an accomplishment, no matter how common it is to graduate college these days. And to have my whole family there (minus my d-bag brother who thought his finals were more important..sheesh) to support me was amazing. Walking across the stage at the Bank United Center was surreal, and with the movement of some pretty string on top of a flat square hat, I went from “college student” to “college graduate.”

However, it also meant that I was saying goodbye to my home away from home, Miami, and Modesty. The girls whose floor I ended up on by chance (well, sort of), but became best friends with by choice. More like my sisters than my friends, the way we treated each others’ closets as our own, the way we’d fight over what to watch on TV for hours, the way we’d share our thoughts and experiences in full, and sometimes too much, detail. You became my second family. And in that sense, graduation was the worst thing that could ever happen. But what a ride, huh? And like I said previously, I know you’re all only a phone call away. Or a group chat message away.

The Weirdest People You Will Ever Meet

The Weirdest People You Will Ever Meet

So it’s a bittersweet end to an incredible year, but I’m looking forward to making next year even better. I’m not wasting time making the same resolutions I make yearly (Losing weight! Being more organized! Blah blah blah!). Instead, I’m just resolving to make 2013 AWESOME. The Year of Awesome. With awesome blog posts and awesome clothes and awesome things happening and awesome hair etc.

New Years

And so it begins in 3 (days)…2…1…

Happy New Year, everybody 🙂


Day Twenty – The Half-Year Resolution


On January 8th, 2012, I sat at a table at P.F. Chang’s across from a guy I’d met a few days prior. We were chatting, getting to know each other a bit. At one point during the dinner, he asked me, “What’s your New Year’s Resolution?”

I was a deer caught in the headlights. Every year, I commit to the whole “I’m gonna eat healthy this year!” “I’m gonna join a gym!” “I’m gonna be more organized in school!” “I’m gonna raise my GPA!” – the typical resolutions. But on January 8th, I had 5 months left of college. Which meant only five months left of the college lifestyle. Which meant that being healthier, not going out as much, raising my GPA, and other resolutions I could have made just probably wouldn’t happen. I needed to soak up what was left of college, get away with living that lifestyle while I still could. Which gave me an idea.

“I don’t really have one,” I said. It felt like it was only halfway through the year, after all, with a full semester left ahead of me. “I’ll have one after I’m done with college. It’ll be like… a half-year resolution!” Brilliant, eh? I told him I’d make the resolutions on June 1st. Not technically halfway through the year, but it would be a few weeks after graduation, I’d be settling into my summer routine. A good time to start, I thought.

And like the blink of an eye, here we are. June 1st already. Five months has come and gone. (And I haven’t spoken to that guy in a while. He wasn’t exactly Mr. Right.) I’m keeping the promise I made to myself, and so today, I’ll be making a few half-year resolutions.

1. Explore New York City.

I’ve always loved Manhattan, but I feel like your twenties are really when the city treats you best. I’ve had my share of city nights during the summers when I’m home from school, or at winter break. But now that I’m here for good, I have all the time in the world to explore. I’ll also be interning in midtown, which means I’ll be in the city at a minimum three times a week. I’m also PUMPED for Autumn in New York (not that I want the summer to rush away, I just won’t mind too much when the leaves start to change). I haven’t experienced real fall weather since I was 17, literally. I can’t wait to see how beautiful NYC is with the colorful leaves, the autumn clothes, and the cool air. I’ll probably visit Central Park weekly and just lay in the grass and stare at the leaves. And Instagram like a zillion pics a day, knowing me.

2. Make life a little easier for the roomies.

I know it must get a little rough around the house for the roomies (Mom & Dad – that’s how I’ll refer to them from now on, so make a note). Kimmy still lives home, and her friends come by, which sometimes makes the house a little messy. Plus, just everyday living, with work, meetings, etc., can leave little time for cleaning and straightening around the house. I figure since I’m the best roommate/daughter ever, I can make a resolution to help out around the house as much as I can. At the very least, I don’t think my roommates should ever have to clean up after me. It’s hard when another roommate moves in – that’s another person’s mess to worry about. So doing my own dishes, laundry, and cleaning will be helpful. And picking up in common living areas, walking the dog, stuff like that I can handle I think. (Your welcome, Mom and Dad.)

3. Read more books.

I’m ashamed at how little I read anymore. I used to be such a bookworm in high school, consuming anything with two covers and pages in-between. With the exception of The Hunger Games and a really stupid Nicholas Sparks novel I read recently, I really haven’t been doing much reading the past few years (that wasn’t required for classes…cause I always did my reading for classes…). I’m pretty sure after summer ends and my friends all go back to grad school/law school/5th year of college/start their full-time jobs, I’ll have some extra time on my hands. And I’d love to spend it reading.

4. Play the piano again.

My bookshelf wasn’t the only thing acquiring dust the past four years. The piano hasn’t been tuned since probably 2006, which means it sounds pretty crappy right now. But I have to say, I miss it. And my family does. Or at least I think they do? Like I said, lots of time, lots of free hours, and I’m all caught up on most of my TV shows so I need something else to occupy myself with. I used to be pretty good, too, on the ebony and ivory. Let’s see if I can bring it back!

5. Make moves for real, grown-up life.

Being realistic, I should eventually start to think about full-time work and being a real person. So this year, I’ll explore my options for employment. I plan to meet some people, talk to family and friends, and look online for what’s out there. Go on interviews, revamp my resume, buy lots of blazers – you know, grown-up stuff. I have some time and I don’t want to rush away being young. I’m happy my summer will consist of an part-time internship and waitressing on the side so I still have time to hang out with friends, go to the beach, and have some fun. But through the rest of the year, I should slowly but surely start taking those steps.

And of course…

6. Get in fantastic shape.

Okay, I had to include this one. Now that I’m not in college and not partying as much, I’m gonna have more time to hit the gym (and less time at the bars means less empty calories ;] ). Also, I’m paying for my own gym membership now. Can’t let that money go to waste! LA Fitness, here I come!!

You don’t need to watch a big, lit-up ball drop down a pole in Times Square to decide to do something with your life. And so the Half-Year Resolutions are in. If I remember, come December 31st, 2012, I can see how I did. Assuming the world didn’t end yet. Fingers crossed! Wish me luck, friends. And Happy Half-Year…or something like that.