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The Return


Ladies and Gentlemen, friends and neighbors, family, co-workers, enemies, stalkers, sisters, lovers, haters, readers – I have three words for you.

I have returned.

Like Michael Jordan to the NBA, like Simba to Pride Rock, like Britney to the music world, and like most birthday presents that aren’t checks or gift cards, I am back where I started from.

ImageRemember who you are.

I have returned to where I belong – the blogosphere – to bring to you more of my advice and commentary on the world, New York City, relationships, food, naps, not going to the gym and other things that are important to me. I hope I’ve been missed as much as I’ve missed posting, and I’m so happy to hopping back on the blog-o-train. That, and because I’ve been bothering so many people to listen to my senseless rantings that I think I just need a new outlet. I’ve been cooped up in my own mind for too long and I need to be set free into the world to learn and share and fly!!!! That being said, I’m going to start going in a new direction with this. Keeping in mind what I’ve written about over the past year and some of the feedback I’ve gotten, I’m ready to open your eyes to more of the weirdness that I happen to set mine on.

Some tune-age to set the mood:

I’ll keep this short and sweet – just as a quick note letting you all know that your favorite weekly read is BACK. Keep posted for some fun new stuff coming up really soon.

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See you soon.